Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fairly Oddparents Redux

I've always thought that term sounded pretentious- "redux".. like, what? you should be impressed because I speak Latin??? Anyway, we're going back into production on FOP (for those of us too lazy to say "Fairly Oddparents" every time), so I thought it might be a good time to post some FOP models! I hope you like 'em!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie. Love the models for FOP! They look great! For this season could you pass along the request for your staff writers to use more characters that we haven't seen for many seasons?
Notably some villains like Norm, the Pixies, Ms. Sunshine, or Anti-Fairies, (maybe a team up of villains movie event?) or some main characters like Chester, AJ, or even the other fairies Mama Cosma, Cupid, Juandissimo, Big Daddy (maybe its time for a family reunion after all these years no?)
Lately in the last two seasons there has been a notable focus on only Timmy, Dad, Cosmo, Vicky and Crocker. They are funny characters, but it would be fantastic to see some others for a change. Thanks and keep up the good work! Glad to hear there's more episodes in the pipeline!

Ernie Gilbert said...

Hi Anonymous- I'm glad there are more in the pipeline too! I'll pass your suggestions along to the writers. Thanks for the comment!

Christina said...

This is awesome!

Ernie Gilbert said...

Thank you!